Apply for Investment

OKGN WMAN is designed to support female entrepreneurs and investors and diverse management teams, with a priority on Western Canada.

If your company is early stage and based in Western Canada then OKGN WMAN might be the right source for funding. Even though we might not take the entire round, our relationships and affiliations with high net worth individuals and angel groups across Canada can potentially help you raise further funding.

To qualify you are:
  1. Preferably located in Western Canada.
  2. Have a strong and resourceful management team that is women founded, women led or diverse where women hold significant equity and leadership positions. If your team is incomplete we expect you to recognize who is needed to round out your team.
Plus you have:
  1. Impeccable integrity.
  2. The solution to a compelling business problem whether it be social impact, consumer products and services, clean technology, hardware, software, digital media, financial services, life sciences or an industrial solution.
  3. Identified a large market opportunity with market validation and a well developed plan with supporting data for achieving growth.
  4. Built a defensible business model and/or proprietary technology.
  1. Identified a strong competitive advantage with a blocking patent, domain name, first-to-scale advantage, unique process, partnerships, supply chain lock-up or other sustainability strategy.
  2. Some level of market validation or traction - ideally contracts or sales in a well defined market or new developing niche.
  3. A compelling case for a 10x or better return on investment within a defined period. The ability to use grants and other non-dilutive funding are especially valued as well as the ability to attract future funding or scale with no further funding.
  4. Credible exit potential - our goal is to bridge the gap between proof of concept and a larger angel round - ideally we would like our Fund’s investment to complete one or more major milestones such as a prototype, product development, market research, product launch, a major contract, filling out a management team or reduction of other management risks.
Screening and Evaluation

Screening is an important part of the OKGN WMAN funding experience. Each year we will evaluate 30 to 50 companies. About 50 percent of these companies make it to the screening round and about 25 percent of those make it to due diligence. We typically will fund three to five ventures each year with investments of $25,000 up to $150,000. The fund invests through a single corporate entity so that the investment adds only one investment entity to the invested company’s cap table. The group will appoint a representative for interfacing with the company and also provide mentoring as required.

To get started is simple. Please provide answers to the following questions and email the required documents to